Capital CarShare Online Registration

Wheels when you need them!

Welcome to Capital CarShare - your key (or should we say fob) to unlimited access to our fleet of eco-friendly vehicles whenever you need them!

Registration will take about 10 minutes. Just long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee, imagine the type of car you'll book and where you'll go!

Need more info? Everything's right here - from rates to FAQs - but if you need anything just call or send us an email.

  JetSetter Plan Cruiser Plan
Initial Investment (one time) $20 $20
Membership Fee $30/mo or $300/yr $5/mo or $50/yr
Drivers Included 3 1
Driving Rates
Hourly $8/hr $11/hr
1am - 6am
$4/hr $5.5/hr
Daily $64/day $88/day
Always Included
Mileage 50 for hourly trips
150 for daily trips
50 for hourly trips
150 for daily trips
Premium Insurance
Roadside Assistance
Sales Tax

Why should I Car Share?

Did you know the average car costs nearly $10,000 a year to own and operate?

CarShare members save thousands by driving only when they need to, and only paying for what they use. Car sharing is also cheaper than a taxi for round-trip errands, such as grocery shopping or a doctor's appointment.

Car sharing is using a community network of vehicles without the costs and hassles of owning a car. It is the flexibility to choose your vehicle - or no vehicle at all, when walking, biking, or using transit makes more sense. It saves you a ton of money, and it greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the Capital Region.

Our members have 24/7 access to a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles for use by the hour or day. Our always guaranteed benefits include- gas cards, premium insurance, and 24-hour emergency service.


Who Can Use Car Share?

Membership with Capital CarShare is open to all drivers over 21 who have had a valid license for at least 2 years.

Drivers under the age of 21 are not covered by CarShare insurance and will be required to provide their own.

Drivers with an out-of-state and/or out-of-country license are still eligible to apply.

Drivers with multiple suspensions and/or moving violations may be ineligible for membership.

Drivers with any alcohol related convictions within the last 7 years are not eligible for membership.


Is there a contract?

There is no contract for using CarShare! Both you and Capital CarShare can terminate your membership at any time. We encourage all of our members to give us a try for at least 6 months before canceling to figure out how car sharing works best for your lifestyle.